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Our Pool Models

Nice Guys Pools and Landscaping offers 4 models for our clients to choose from. We stock the Trevi Stellar, Carvin Colorado, Wilbar Tivoli, and Cornelius Bombay.

All of our 2024 pool kits include: pool frame, skimmer and jet, uni-beaded liner, pump, sand filter, filter sand, inline chlorinator, pole, maintenance kit, solar blanket, pool opening chemical kit, A-frame ladder, ball valves, quick disconnects, 10ft rigid pipe, 20ft flex pipe, and Cladlite concrete filtration pad. 


Everything your family needs to enjoy and maintain your pool!

Trevi Pulsar.jpg

Trevi Stellar 52"

Resin - Salt Water Compatible

The Trévi Stellar is the resin model of the Trévi Drakkar, boasting the same modern aesthetics and LED lighting options as its metal counterpart. Light up your backyard with the Stellar's LEDs in your choice of colours!  

Round Options: 12', 15', 18', 21', 24', 27'.

Oval Options: 12'x18', 12'x21', 12'x24', 15'x24', 15'x30', 18'x33'.

Carvin Colorado 52"


Resin - Salt Water Compatible

The Carvin Colorado is resin pool manufactured by Carvin Pools in Quebec. This resin pool offers cutting edge manufacturing to ensure easy assembly and class leading durability. As part of the Carvin Gold-Series line of pools, the Colorado has optional STARJET illuminated fountains and STARGLOW external lights pool pool uprights!

Round Options: 12', 15', 18', 21', 24', 27'.

Wilbar Tivoli 52"


Resin - Salt Water Compatible

The Wilbar Tivoli is a cost effective way to have an aesthetically pleasing and functional resin pool. Fully saltwater compatible with a unique design, this pool is cheap and cheeful!



Round Options: 12', 15', 18'.

Metal vs Resin

What's the Difference?

At Nice Guys Pools and Landscaping we offer both metal and resin above ground pools. 

Metal pools are pools that have all metal parts. The pool wall is sheet metal, as well as all bottom tracks, foot plates, uprights, stabilizer rails, top plates, and top ledges. This translates to an extremely strong structure once filled with water. However, metal pools by nature do not react well to salt water, and thus are not compatible with salt water systems.

Resin pools are very close to metal pools in design. The term resin (or polymer) refers to the components being made of a high strength plastic. The metal foot plates, bottom track, uprights, top plates, stabilizer rail, and top ledges will all replaced with identical resin parts. The pool wall will still be sheet metal, however it will have additional rust corrosion coatings. Resin above ground pools are rated by their respective manufacturers for salt water systems.

Round vs Oval

What's the Difference?

At Nice Guys Pools and Landscaping we offer both round and oval above ground pools. 

Round pools were the very first above ground pools introduced to the market, and offer many positive features. The water inside your swimming pool exerts equal pressure in all directions, as it is liquid. A round pool by virtue of its shape, will easily handle the outward force of that water, without requiring any bracing, buttresses, or internal supports. This results in a very strong pool at a lower price point, that is extremely strong and simple. Customers can expect to spend 30% less on a round pool than an oval pool of the same square footage. No subframe results in less steel, less aggregate, and less labour. Any customer looking for the largest pool by square footage for the lowest cost can definitely explore the value that round pools offer.

Ovals pools require either bracing or an internal frame in order to withstand the pressure exerted by the water inside the pool. As oval pools have long, straight sections in the middle of the pool, the wall is subject to extreme pressure in these areas, resulting in the need for extra support. All 6 of our oval pool models are "buttress free", meaning the structure that reinforces the wall on your oval pool will run underneath the pool, resulting in a stronger and more aesthetical pleasing pool without any "A-frame" braces protruding from the pool wall. The shallow width and long length of an oval pool can allow customers with smaller, or oddly shaped lots to get the perfectly sized pool for their needs.

The Trevi Advantage

The Most Aesthetic Above Ground Pool On The Market

Nice Guys Pools and Landscaping is your go to swimming pool contractor for a sleek, modern, above ground pool. Trevi  pools are made in Canada and provide unparalleled strength, unique features, and stunning aesthetics. All our Trevi pools come with solar powered external LEDs standard. Light up your backyard and be the envy of the neighborhood with up to 7 colour options! Trevi pools have both a metal and resin option, for either a chlorine or salt water experience.

Sleek & Modern Design

Trevi Pulsar 3.jpg

Shapes and Sizes for Every Backyard

Trevi Pulsar Oval.jpg

Trevi Exclusive LED Solar Lights

Trevi - Lighting Options.png

Carvin Ingenuity

Add A Touch of Zen With STARJET and STARGLOW Options

Newly redesigned for modern backyards, the optional STARJET and STARGLOW by Carvin combined to offer the only integrated fountain and light system on the Canadian market. Let your pool add even more character to your backyard with the gentle ambience of your STARJET fountain, coupled with the STARGLOW external post lights. When combined, both STARJET and STARGLOW can be synchronized into many different light and pattern combinations! Only available on Carvin Gold or Diamond Series pools.

Optional Ambient Fountains

Carvin StarJet.png

Optional Synchronized Post Lights

Carvin StarGlo.png

Carvin Quality Manufacturing

Made In North America.png
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