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Above Ground Pool Installations

What makes a quality pool installation?

We specialize in the installation of all brands and sizes of above ground swimming pools. Whether you already have a pool ready for us to install, or you would like to purchase both an installation and a pool, we will have you swimming in no time, for less!

At Nice Guys Pools and Landscaping we take all necessary steps to ensure that the finished product is clean, strong, and ready for many years of rigorous use to come.

View the 5 step process to building a quality above ground pool below!


Step 1: Excavation

Excavation your pool area is the most labour intensive and import steps in building your above ground pool. Just like a house, a strong pool requires a strong foundation. 

First the pool area is measured and marked out in the desired location, and the sod is cut away.

After the sod has been removed, the pool area will be measured with a laser transit to determine the lowest point of the pool area. The rest of the pool area will then be dug down to match the lowest point, creating a completely flat and level surface for the base of your pool. 

Excavation is done using a walk behind skid steer in order to maximize efficiency and combat all ground conditions.

20180810_135832 (1).jpg

Step 2: Leveling Patio Stones/Buttresses

After the excavation is complete, the frame of your pool will be set and leveled in preparation of putting up the pool wall. 

Patio stones will be placed under each bottom plate, flush with the ground. This will give the uprights of the pool a sturdy area to sit on, preventing sinking. All stones must be set flush with the ground and within 1/8" of level over the entire pool frame.

If the model being installed is a round pool, there is no substructure to install, and the pool is ready for the limestone screening base and pool bottom sand. 

If the pool is oval however, the substructure of buttresses, straps, and pressure plates must also be installed flush to the ground, plumb, and within 1/8" of level.

This step for oval pools is extremely important as it will dictate the finished look of the pool. Therefore, ensuring proper spacing and level is critical.

20180718_150650 (1).jpg

Step 3: Prep Bottom

So far, the pool area has been excavated, and all patio stones/buttresses have been set. Now, limestone screenings will be spread over the pool area, and packed down using water and a gas tamper. The vibrations of the gas tamper and moisture of the water will cause the limestone screenings to harden, in effect creating a flat concrete pad over the pool area. 

With this solid pad ready, the pool bottom material can now be placed over top. In most applications sand is used over top of the limestone to protect the liner from any sharp rocks of debris. The sand will be raked even, soaked with water, and gas tampered flat, in a similar manner to the limestone screenings.

Linerguard mats & Styrofoam may also be utilized for pool flooring material for an even softer pool bottom. However, these methods are optional.

Inovo - 21 - Scarborough.jpg

Step 4: Install Wall and Liner

With all the ground work completed, the pool wall and liner can now be set. This is when the project will really start to come together.

Above ground pool walls are one long piece of sheet steel, and not individual panels as many people believe. As such several people are required to uncoil the wall and bolt it together. 

Once the wall is bolted together and all upright have been fastened, the liner can be installed.

Prior to installing the liner, the sand must be raked and troweled flat, with a cove of sand or Styrofoam installed against the pool wall to soften the angle where the wall meets the floor. 

Once the bottom is ready, the liner can then be installed. A vacuum will be used to pull the liner tight to the floor and wall, ensuring the perfect wrinkle free fit, every time.

20190703_180603 (1).jpg

Step 5: Fill the Pool & Plumbing

Now that the liner has been set, you can now fill the pool. This can be accomplished by either using your garden hose if you have access to municipal water, or from a water delivery truck. 

With the pool filed, the filter, pump, and any other relevant hardware can be plumbed into the skimmer inlet and jet return. The pool is now ready to be started up.

12x18 Woodbridge - Nighttime.jpeg

Enjoy Your Pool!

With the pool installed and operational, your pool is now ready to enjoy. Any additional landscaping or decking can now be completed to compliment your new pool.

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