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3rd Party Pool Installations

Already Have A Pool? We Can Help.

At NGPL Inc. we also install pools that our customers have purchased elsewhere. We refer to this as a 3rd party pool install. We have extensive experience installing all makes and models of above ground pools, but we specialize in Trevi, Cornelius, and Carvin brand pools. In our experience, this quality and consistency of these brands makes them a better investment than the competitors.


6" of Ground Leveling

In the real world, ground is never flat. The average pool typically requires 6" or less of ground leveling in order to have the pool area be completely level. This amount is included in the base prices below. Additional leveling past 6" may be required in certain instances. Any additional leveling past 6" adds $80/per extra inch of leveling to the base price.

20190425_124420 (1).jpg

Disposal of Excavated Soil

Included in all 3rd party pool installations is an appropriately sized clean fill bin to disposal of the excavated clean fill soil from the leveling process. Bin sizes range from 6yd to 14yd based on pool size and shape.

Bin Rental.png

All Aggregates

All 3rd party pool installs include all the necessary building materials required of the job. This includes limestone screenings to make a structural base, brick sand for the liner base, and patio stones to go under each pool upright for support and frost protection.

Limestone Screenings.png

Base Prep

A strong pool starts with a strong base. we take the time to set, level, and compact the aggregates to create the strongest foundation possible for your pool.

Excavation+Ground Prep.jpg

Pool Assembly

When you’re looking for top quality work, Nice Guys Pools and Landscaping Inc. is here to help. Our team of professionals is available to provide a wide range of customizable options, all guaranteed to meet and exceed expectations. Contact our office today to learn more about this and our other available services.

Pool Assembly.jpg


All 3rd party pool installs include the labour of plumbing in your filtration system using the fittings and equipment you provide.

Plumbing Example.jpg

3rd Party Install Price List

2024 Pricing

Trevi Pulsar.jpg

Round Pool Prices

12' - $2750+hst
15' - $3000+hst
18' - $3500+hst
21' - $3750+hst
24' - $4000+hst
27' - Individual Quote Only
30' - Individual Quote Only

Trevi Pulsar Oval.jpg

Oval Pool Prices

12'x18' - $3500+hst
12'x21' - $3750+hst
12'x24' - $4000+hst
15'x24' - $4250+hst
16'x26' - $4500+hst
15'x30' - $4750+hst
16'x32' - $5000+hst
18'x33' - $5500+hst

Permit, Utilities (electrical/gas), and Water not included in price above. Leveling past 6", trenching, backfill, decorative rock border extra.

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