Standard Pool Package Breakdown

What's Included With Our Standard Pool Package For 2023

Pool Shell

Check our products page and in stock pages for available models.


Uni-Bead Liner

A uni-bead liner is a premium liner designed to fit into a bead receiver track that hooks onto the top of your pool wall, or directly to the wall itself. This allows for the best use to be selected for your specific needs.

Our liners are 20mil and made exclusively in Canada by Megna Pools. Vortex Tile pattern standard. 


Hayward Skimmer & Jet

The Hayward Widemouth skimmer and jet combo offers the name brand quality of Hayward. With sidewalls nearly twice as thick as competitor's models.


Hayward Ultra Pro

The Hayward Ultra Pro represents the best in class power, efficiency, and build quality amongst above ground pool pumps. Available in 1HP, 1.5HP, and 2 speed options.

Hayward Ultra Pro.png

Hayward Sand Filter

The Hayward Pro Series sand filter is the pool industry's most popular filtration choice. Economic and efficient. Available in 18" (150lbs) and 21" (200lbs) sizes.


Hayward 9lb Inline Chlorinator

The Hayward 9lb inline chlorinator allows for optimal chlorine distribution, allowing you to get the most out of your chemicals, saving money and keeping your pool clear.

Hayward Chlorinator.png

Aluminum Skimmer Pole

Adjustable pole for use with maintenance kit. 2x240cm.

Aluminum Pole.png

Maintenance Kit

Includes net, vacuum head, brush, thermometer, water test kit.

Maintenance Kit.png

Vacuum Hose

Hose for use with vacuum head and pole.

Vac Hose.png

Solar Cover

Solar blanket to retain heat within your pool. For best effect, apply blanket with bubbles down at night.

Solar Blanket.png

Pool Opening Kit

2 Bags of Chlorine Shock, 1L Algaecide, 1L Stain & Scale

Chemical Start Kit.png

"A" Frame Ladder

Adjustable from 48" to 54" with sliding & locking rungs for a truly child proof entrance to your pool.

Vinylworks Ladder.png

Praher 1.5" Ball Valves

Control the feed of water to and from your pump and filter with the industry's premier valves.

Praher Ball Valve.png

Praher Quick Disconnect Unions

Unlike traditional fittings, Praher quick disconnect unions allow any piece of equipment to easily be disconnected with cutting any plumbing. This modular systems makes winterizing and maintenance a breeze!

Praher Union.png

20ft 1.5" Flex Pipe

Every pool kit comes with 20ft of flexible piping for your pump and filter system. If you require your pump and

Flex Pipe.png

10ft 1.5" Rigid Pipe

Every pool kit comes with 10ft of rigid piping for filtration system. This rigid pipe will give strength and longevity to your filtration system connections.

Hard Pipe.png

Cladlite Equipment Slabs x2

Cladlite lightweight concrete slabs for filtration equipment pad. These slabs are as strong as solid concrete, and weigh 80% less. Styrofoam inserts further help to muffle noise from the pump. 24"x24", and 3" thick to elevate filtration system incase of flood.

Cladlite Slabs.png

Optional Accessories

Enhance your swimming experience with any of our optional accessories listed below!

Pentair Mastertemp.png

Pentair Mastertemp 125k

The Pentair Mastertemp 125k BTU digital natural gas heater is the best value heater on the market. The standard 125k BTU outputs 25% more heating capacity than other brand's flagship above ground pool heaters. The digital display and electronic ignition makes operation a breeze. Never struggle with lighting an analog pilot again.


Pentair Intellichlor IC-15

The Pentair Intellichlor IC-15 is the premiere salt system for an above ground pool. Operation can be controlled easily with the digital display on the face of the unit. Greatly reduce your weekly maintenance and chemical costs. Electronics to the cell are 110v, making the Intellichlor truly plug and play. Compatible only with resin pools.

Carvin Starbright.jpg

Carvin Starbright Light

The Carvin Starbright is a versatile and safe way to light up your pool's interior for some fun night time swimming. The Starbright fits into the pool's jet hole, meaning no cutting of the pool's wall is necessary, eliminating any possibility of rusting.  The Starbright boasts a powerful LED bulb that can be set to a variety of colours and patterns.

Zodiac 1500.png

Zodiac Barracuda 1500

The Zodiac Barracuda 1500 is a fantastic way to combat leaves and debris while reducing your weekly cleaning. This automatic cleaner is operated by the suction of your skimmer, and vacuums your pool floor directly to your skimmer basket. Simply drop the cleaner into the pool with your pump running and you are off to the races.

Wedding Cake Steps.png

Drop In Steps

For any member of your family that requires easier access to your pool, drop in steps are a must. The large surface area treads of our wedding cake steps allow a surface for rest, and secure and easy access. Requires a deck for proper use.

Xstream Cartridge Filter.png

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filters are an easy maintenance solution that filters up to 10x finer particles than sand filters! Cartridge filters do not need to be back washed, saving you time and water.

Pool Cove.png

Styrofoam Pool Cove

Styrofoam pool cove offers an economic solution to the issue of cove wash out. If your yard experiences lots of sitting water or run off, Styrofoam pool cove will protect your pool wall and liner from damage caused by erosion, all while providing a seamless look for your pool bottom. Cost varies by pool size.

Floor Pad.jpeg

Liner Guard/Floor Pad

Liner guard pool floor padding can offer you an extra level of protection for your pool liner, and soften the feeling of your sand bottom for a more comfortable feeling on your feet. Cost varies by pool size.