Why Choose An Above Ground Pool?

Many people dismiss the idea of an above ground pool when considering what style of pool would work best for their backyard. Before making a decision that has huge financial implications, any potential consumer should be aware of the facts and realities surrounding the true costs of pools. Inground pools can be constructed of concrete, gunite, fiberglass, or vinyl. Gunite and fiberglass pools can range from $50,000-120,000, concrete from $80,000-200,000, and vinyl from $40,00

Metal Above Ground Pools vs Resin Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools are typically fabricated with one of two materials. Metal-based pools, or resin-based pools. There is a lot of confusion about what these terms really mean, and how that translates into the actual product you are considering purchasing. Metal pools are the industry standard in the world of above ground pools. The majority of pools on the market both past and present are metal pools. The initial designs of above grounds were comprised solely of metal, and no

The Importance of Drainage with Above Ground Pools

Drainage is one the most important factors in the life expectancy of an above ground pool. Simply put, drainage is how well the area around your pool drains surface water away from the pool. When it rains, does your yard flood with water that sits above the surface and does not drain through your soil or run away from your yard? This is an example of a drainage issue. Sitting water can flood the limestone and sand base under your above ground pool, slowly eroding this base ma